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Creative Director/Manager

Karen, aka “Kasbo” as we like to call her is our ND Legend! Working at Nancy Darcy Hairdressing for 15 years now, Karen Wright is an absolute asset to our team. It’s fair to say she lives and breathes ND as much as Beccy and that’s why she is her right hand lady.
Karen is our character and I say “our” because she definitely belongs to us. Karen keeps the whole salon amused with her endless stories and whitty remarks. She has an absolute talent at making everybody feel better, whether its clients, colleagues or just the delivery man! Her ability to cheer people up is amazing.So that’s Karen’s personality and one of the reasons everybody loves coming to see her but the other reason is she a fantastic hairdresser and is actually the only hairdresser within the North East to hold a Wella Colour Degree! Karen is a dab hand using placement to accentuate a cut, or selecting the right tones to accentuate skin and eye toning, or using colour to make a client feel better, but gaining the degree gave her the skills to understand why certain choices must be made and so she can therefore make the right choices. She understands why certain hair types need specific types of tones, and how to work not just with the client but also with the hair technically. Its Karen’s level of experience and degree knowledge is what makes her an expert in the field! Karen is the perfect partner for any client suffering from long-term colour problems, or anyone who never seems to get their colour just spot on. All of that and we can guarantee you will leave laughing! 

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