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Lets be Covid safe and get Eco Friendly



If there is one good thing that came from the lockdowns it’s been the positive impact that we witnessed on the planet and the quality of the air we breathe, it really started to make an impact on the global warming crisis. It did feel like we appreciated our planet more, things become more simplistic and we all enjoyed nature and natural surroundings, as we were stripped back of the luxury's we had come accustomed too. 

 Then we headed back to work and were faced with a whole new world of PPE and all the Covid safe procedures and policies, which without argument has been vital to protect us all from the pandemic. However with constant cleaning, boil washing and disposable everything, there is now a new worry we are becoming more harmful than ever to our environment.

Having been Covid compliant to these for nearly a year now, the team at ND have decided to re jig a few things. 

obviously the safety of our team and clients is still paramount but we have decided to what we can to be more eco friendly in the salon.

  • First up, we would like to join some other Salon in the "bring your own towel" campaign. obviously this is optional but would be really appreciated. Our washing and drying of towels has become not only a full time job but doubled the amount of our water usage. So we a agree that this is a small thing that would help us as a salon save time and energy but still keeps every one safe.

  • Next up, we would love to provide tea, coffee and drinks again but we would like to ask you to bring your own refillable cup! Again saves us on water, means no plastics and bottles and also keeps you all safe. 

  • Also after doing some research we have learnt that not all anti-bac is created equal. Lots of studies have found that the potent chemicals can survive sewage treatments and are often detected in rivers and streams. To avoid this, we’ve chosen totally biodegradable plant-based anti bac. It’s effective, conscience-free and it smells better too! 

  • As well as this we are going to start recycling our foil!

The way we see it is if we work together we can all make a difference!

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