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What makes us ND


Beccy's Story

I opened my salon when I was 19! Young, ambitious and some might say stupid! I am not going to lie running a salon is hard especially with 4 children too, but I do it because its my life this is all I know and I love it.

I believe my way of hairdressing a little different from others and it started way back when I was training. I could never understand how within 2 minutes of meeting someone, some Stylists could make decisions about client’s hair. It just used to freak me out! Other Stylists would think I was mental haha! I was always be such a waff and I’d ask a million questions and go right round the world and then end up where I started but in my crazy head at least I then knew I was making the right decisions.

So as I gained confidence, experience and with that clients and I started to realise I was quite unique and for some reason clients liked me for my million questions, so it was then that I realised I wanted my salon and team to be different and if I could endorse my philosophy then we could make a real impact on the hairdressing world!

So my philosophy is based around YOU! Your hair belongs to YOU!! So the person that knows it best is YOU! NOT US, every single head of hair is completely different that’s what makes us individual. So I believe we need to learn about your hair from you and by communicating enough and effectively before we get the scissors out then the chances for you been thrilled with your hair is much higher. Hairstyles must not just suit your face (however that is massively important haha) it must suit your lifestyle, your personality, your hair texture, its condition and much more…. I could go on and on but what I’m trying to say is I don’t believe in rushing as its false economy, we as hair consultants need to understand “YOU” before we make decisions and then together with you we build beautiful relationships of trust, friendships oh and of course perfect hair for our clients.

Training this way has been challenging over the years as not everyone appreciated what I was trying to achieve but luckily for me my sidekicks Karen, Lyndsey and Emma have supported me and helped me make our service unique. I am so grateful for them helping me achieve what we have. We have a fantastic team now and we are growing from strength to strength and all of us embrace our philosophy to communicate with clients, its fantastic and I’m so proud.

One last thing, we are all proper Northern girl with Northern charm and we want our clients to be relaxed and comfortable so as well as high quality hairdressing and stylists that care, you will also expect to receive lots of salon fun and banter! Professional but 100% friendly that us!

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