Catwalk trends are changing. Gone are the wild and wacky creations of sharp lines and cuts, gone are bold statement styles; we’re welcoming understated beauty.

Hair trends are becoming beautiful, and beautiful HEALTHY hair is what we believe to be the key secret to all your hair aspirations. At Nancy Darcy we work hard to show you that everything is made much much more simple if your hair is healthy. Think of it like your body; bones and joints, if they aren’t working properly, complications can arrise. It’s exactly the same with hair. If it’s damaged or weak and porus, complications will definitely arise. Colours won’t take as they should, some colours may even be off limits, you’ll find it hard to manage and style, and it will more than likely become increasingly damaged. So how do tackle this? Treat it of course. Treating the hair should be done as regularly as you’d treat your skin, your body and even your tastebuds!

Treatments can be easily discarded as just another expense, but where is the logic in paying for a cut or colour and then not looking after it? So here, Nd are offering a little bit of Tender Loving (Hair) Care…

We use only the best Wella Professional hair care that coincides with the entire service, from consultation, to backwash shampoo and finishing products…

Wella Alchemy

A revolution in hair treats! The alchemy treatment is like no other, it’s formula is completely unique to Wella Professionals and has never been done before. This treatment works to give you two benefits, instead of just the one. An intensive mask will treat your primary problem, whether that be colour loss, damage, lack of volume, shine, scalp irritations or simply lack of moisture. This is then combined with a concentrated infusion which will target and treat a secondary problem, giving optimum results from one single treatment. It is the combination of highly concentrated ingredients that maximises product potential. Only problem is, once you’ve tried it you’ll never live without it.

Wella SP Alchemy – £15

Salon favourites SP “Emulsions” are the most requested by clients. Emulsions come in the form of a soluble, water based mousse, therefore they are able to penetrait further into the hair shaft than any other treatment, thus heightening their intensity. The perfect choice as an immediate after colour service to really lock in those artificial colour pigments. The repair emulsion is also No1 in the basin room after being PROVEN by Wella Professionals to give 100% repair. Filled with protein, it’s perfect for before or after your colour lifting service.

 Wella SP Emulsion & mask – £12

Wella care – £10

Please note: all treatments come with a luxury 10 minute head massage with technique straight from Wella Professionals. If however, you yould prefer not to have a massage we will be quite happy to let you relax in the comfort of our coffee area.

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