NIOXIN uses advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair. Our commitment to innovation, supported by research, enables us to be able to help enables us to be able to help more than 50% of people worldwide who experience thinning hair.
The NIOXIN approach began in 1987, when founder experienced thinning hair after the birth of her first child and began to investigate the idea of treating the scalp with skincare methods.
Until then, people experiencing thin-looking hair had very few options for help. NIOXIN's advanced technologies provide real solutions for making the most of the hair you have, transforming the hair care industry and bringing hope and confidence to men and women everywhere.

Hair without a healthy scalp is like a tree without firm roots – insecure, susceptible to breakage and unable to take in the nutrients it needs to grow properly. 

Research shows that a regular program of scalp maintenance is an important step towards attaining your full hair potential. 

Inspired by advanced skincare, each Therapy combines Nioxin’s 3 Step Cleanse, Optimise and Treat approach with a Rebalancing Massage to stimulate and nourish the scalp – helping you attain your full hair potential.
  • DERMA RENEW: A facial for your scalp. It removes dead skin cells and excess sebum to renew scalp skin and provide the perfect foundation for thicker, fuller, stronger hair.
  • DIAMETER BOOST: A leave-in treatment, which increases the diameter of your hair instantly and thickens hair from the roots, so that it feels as if you have 11,000 more hairs on your head.
  • DENSITY REVIVE: An intensive leave-on booster treatment, designed to boost the resistance of fragile hair and protect the cuticle against damage. For any specific area of concern, such as a receding hairline or thinning crown.
  • DENISTY REPAIR: Strengthens the hair shaft against damage and reduces hair breakage, so hair feels healthy and deeply repaired.
  • DENISTY PROTECT: Reduces breakage and restores a dense and vibrant appearance to your hair, so it shines with renewed health.


Nioxin 3D Styling

Here at Nancy Darcy we're excited to announce the launch of ANOTHER new Wella range, the New NIOXIN 3D Styling range of 8 products designed for fine/thinning hair to give volume without weighing the hair down.

NIOXIN 3D Styling is made up of 2 technologies;
Light Plex for light and flexible style
Pro Thick for volume and hold

NIOXIN now has a fully personalised thinning hair solution,
not only has our 3 Step Care Ragime proven to give thicker
fuller-looking hair in 30 Days but now you can complete your look with NEW NIOXIN 3D STYLING!!

Ask your Stylist for more information about NIOXIN 3D Styling.

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