Foil highlights are an essential and creative tool for the skilled hair colour technician. As each foil is individually placed, with any degree of width and volume, and in an enormous range of tones and shades, the result is completely tailored to you.

Full Head Foil – £50-£58

Full head foils can be woven or sliced depending on the effect you require. It can be as natural or as bold as you would like it. You can add in as many colours as you would like to create a natural/ textured look or it can be as bold as your heart desires.

Half Head Foil – £41-£47

Half head foils can be used in between your full head appointments to keep on top of your highlights without the time and money expense.

Partial Foil– £30-£38

Partials are the perfect top up before holidays or special occasions focusing on your parting and hairline areas only.


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