Fashion Colouring

Combined colour & Highlighting – £44-£70

Fashion colouring is a combination of a full head colour and highlights used to create a bold impact or texture. The amount of highlights added is completely unto you and your colour technician, a couple will add interest or emphasise a cut whereas lots scattered throughout the head will add texture whilst the all over colour works to create a beautiful base.

Colour correction- price upon consultation.


This is our colour Degree technician's dream.

Karen knows that changing your hair colour is often not as simple as applying a new shade over the top. If your hair has been coloured before you could have different shades at the ends because of sun lightening or frequent washing, there is likely to be root regrowth in your natural shade, and there could be a build-up of colour on the mid-lengths that is too dark. A change of hair colour under these circumstances means dealing with each part of the hair individually, using different shades and tones on each section.

Fixing "patchy colours" or shade problems can be as simple as dealing with highlights that are too yellow or removing dark bands where tint has been over-applied too many times. This kind of problem is dealt with very often.

Dealing with colour disasters, Karen's speciality – that’s thanks to her Wella Masters Colour Degree. Often these complicated problems will require removing colour from some sections whilst adding tone to others. Karen will treat every part of your hair to calculate the perfect mix of tones and shades to restore a pleasing overall colour.

Sometimes colour corrections can take more than one appointment to achieve your desired look. If you have a problem we have the expertise and knowledge to fix it. 

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