Posted on 12-Feb-2013

Wella Professionals Haute Couture trends for 2013 developed by Josh Wood and Eugene Souleiman bring to life this year’s theme: THE SOUND OF COLOR. 


We all felt instantly that "ALLEGRA" demanded classical instruments, that was obvious: strings, but with a very driven energy – a frantic, precise beat, expressing the rich take on the golden vibrations in the sound wave. It's a classically composed but shamelessly distorted theme." "The Sound of Color was a great opportunity to express something with a new and dynamic artistic purpose." TAKE A DEEPER LOOK AT ALLEGRA

"The key to "ECHO", is the minimalistic approach, but with an anarchic austerity aesthetic: very black and white, very radical and driven. The sound practically unravels in front of your eyes. You have to break the rules with an angry beat that matches the sound spikes. Some passages are almost hollow, an echo in major and minor." TAKE A DEEPER LOOK AT ECHO

"In thIS trend, there's the interplay between two musical themes, one Eastern and one Western. The name sums it up: "FUSION." We picked up on Asian polyphonic harmonies and interwove them with modern experimental sounds ... a new kind of world music." TAKE A DEEPER LOOK AT FUSION

"For "DECIBEL" we worked with an up-and coming band that's making quite some noise in the music scene here. This colorful sound wave shrieks of wild, loud, beautiful dissonances: like parrots in the urban jungle – a loud, experimental rock-chick track. The beat has a much stronger pulse here. TAKE A DEEPER LOOK AT DECIBEL

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