Real Hair Show

Posted on 17-Nov-2010

The vision

We all would like to look like supermodels and we idolise beautiful people like Cheryl Cole, Danni Minogue, Mr Beckham, Brad and Angelina.

Lets face it, most of these spend a very long time in hair and make-up before they can even start work, and some of their best assets let me tell you are not even real. Not only this but they also have the helping hand of photo shop. So we ask, “what hope have we got.” as real people, with real lives.

Well, we want to prove that we are all gorgeous in our own ways, and in “real life” we have to consider all our daily factors. We also have to do our own hair, make -up and clothes styling; that’s 3 professional jobs we have to do on our own every morning  before we start all our other daily duties.

On this note the ND team want to assure all “real women” we are here to help.

The Real hair show is designed to show how we individually consider all your real life factors for you with our Personalised style guide talking tool. This allows us to establish limitations, qualities, problems and personal tastes to therefore get the best possible results.

We then also realise that people are different and have boundaries within their comfort zones so we also use our tool to look at our options by establishing your “style category”. Here we split our clients into 3 different style groups: CLASIC, TRENDIES AND FEARLESS.  In the salon we discuss styles available within your style category that suit you individually reflecting your hair types, age groups and hair lengths, as well as other factors discussed in your style guide.

We want to demonstrate how working within our concept of hair and then applying make-up and clothes styling, we can achieve amazing results.

With woman in mind we wanted to put all the proceeds of the show to what seems like the most fitting and deserving cause; “Breast Cancer”

Unfortunately, breast cancer is now the most common cancer in the UK and around 46,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. Thats 885 women a week!

The good news is that the death rate for women with breast cancer has fallen by almost a fifth over the last decade.

Thanks to improved detection and better treatments, more people are beating breast cancer than ever before, and now 8 out of 10 female breast cancer patients survive their disease beyond five years.

The Show

The ND team organised the show and promoted it, whilst selling tickets we offered all ticket buyers the chance to win a makeover on the show night by entering themselves into a prize draw.

A few days before the show we collected all tickets and revealed the winners. We contacted the winners individually and made them appointments in the salon. We than talked and talked to establish the right decision for the right result, then prepped the hair by cutting and colouring.

On the show night the turnout was amazing with about 140 people turning out to support us.

The room also looked amazing. We had lovely contributions from local businesses which contributed the room looking and feeling just so; balloons, chocolate, cupcakes, and wine.

Starting the show we introduced our makeover models and let the crowd see the before images and described our objectives with our hairstylists, makeup artist and clothes stylist, we then moved on to show off some of our “real clients” fitting them into style categories of classic, trendies and fearless.

Throughout the interval we promoted our raffle with great prizes such as straighteners, proffessional dryer’s salon services and gift sets.

Then on with the show starting with a great dance show from “dance magic”, we demonstrated our hair extensions, gents and oh yes even the kids work. Finally we brought back our makeover models and wow they looked remarkable, what transformations.

We raised ower £700 for breast cancer and all truly enjoyed it.


Would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved to in last nights show.  Thanks to Sally and Sophie from kiwi- you and the clothes were amazing.

Debbie, Louise and Tallie – our make-up artist, from Beauty pour Femme who did Make -up. Thanks girls.
Woobly Jelly balloons for all the balloons the room looked lovely. Chocolini’s for our unbelievable chocolate centerpieces. Also big thanks to Vicky and the girls at Dance Magic for their special appearance, and all their hard work – thanks girls you were brilliant. Xxxx Dragonfly bakery and something a little different florist for your very kind donations. Kieth and Pat Moss(and Claire) from Kieth Moss photography – thankyou for all the happy snapping. Also a big thankyou to all our models who gave up their time and patience, and looked beautiful. Saltburn Golf Club for donating the room and the ladies behind the bar and who helped us set up.

To my longest standing client Cherry Glasgow for all her help – thanks. Finally a massive thanks to all my amazing Team – who are simple the best ever. Christina – whom if not for this event would not of happened. She organised the whole thing, and even though it may it nearly topped her off she remains a pretty special person. Karen the best multi tasker ever. Fashion styling/ Party hair Hayley – Extension specialist. Liam- Chief fearless fashion stylist Emma – classic cutting specialist.  Lyndsey – wedding specialist. Tina – The fastestassistant in the west. Adele – Our most beautiful assistant ever.

Beccy xxx

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