Nancy Darcy Save the Day!

Posted on 30-May-2012

By 12pm on Tuesday 22nd May, the whole Nancy Darcy team committed to working a full Friday (25th) on the hair of 24+models for a catwalk production, after only receiving a phone call 30minutes previous!

CCAD (Cleveland College of Art and Design) graduate students were holding a fashion show to celebrate their final collections, however were let down last minute by their original choice of hairdresser. After being recommended, they called us at ND straight away to ask for help. Of course, with it being last minute, the salon was fully booked; but never shying away from hard work Karen and Lyndsey went to tend to the 25+models from 11am on their day off! They were then met by Hayley and Beccy who chipped in to help after they had completed their clients at the salon.

Christina followed shortly after who again worked her day in the salon before driving down to the town hall in Middlesbrough to help the girls; who of course had it all under control and were almost done by 5pm. Even after a long day, Beccy, Hayley, Carla and Christina stayed for the show, primping and tweaking models hair in-between changes.

The night was a great success and all the students and staff couldn’t have been more complimentary on how we had helped and the work we produced. We enjoyed every minute and were more than happy to help- even if there was a little “last minute chaos!”

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