Karen gains a Masters!

Posted on 05-Oct-2011

Karen becomes Colour Degree Master!

Holding her own as one of very few colour degree specialists in the North East for almost 2 years now, ND’s Karen Wright is set to become a creative sensation.

Our hugely talented colour degree holder will soon be stretching her skills as she prepares to take on her “Masters”. Yes that’s right, there is such a thing as a master’s degree in hair colouring, and if anyone is up to the challenge, it most certainly is this woman.

Demonstrating a rare eye for not only creativity and selection, but also for correction and the science behind the magic we call “colouring hair”, Karen takes this service to another level. Showcasing in depth consultations to discuss clients’ needs and wants, she delves to explore skin tone, whether you’re warm or cool. She looks at eye colour, underlyng colour pigment, hair condition and how all these factors affect the colouring process. Not only does Karen explore the logistics, but she uses every client as creative expression, always tailoring techniques and colour choices, never repeating.

Karen believes strongly in the Nancy Darcy philosophy, stating that communication really is the answer, “As soon as my client arrives in the salon, I like to make them feel acknowledged and at ease, this helps stop them from putting any barriers up, which might stop them from telling me everything I need to know, and consequently gaining the perfect colour. I like to make consultations interactive and not just chat but use tools to show the client how I’m thinking and express my ideas. I find that clients like to see visual representation as well as a verbal explanation.”

Karen will be preparing to further her skills come the New Year in the second intense level of her degree.

You can book your colour appointments now online with Karen, but be sure to select COLOUR WITH DEGREE SPECIALIST as your appointment, or call 01287 650569 to make your appointment over the phone, be sure to clarify that you would like to see our COLOUR DEGREE SPECIALIST for your perfect appointment.

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