It Takes Two...

Posted on 05-Oct-2011

As manager within the salon, one of Beccys main concerns is to aid her staff in the skill they enjoy and excel at the most. It has been evident for some time now that Emma Reynolds has a clear passion and high level of skill in selecting and applying colour. On the contrary, Christina has expressed a natural flair for cutting and styling hair since her begginning.

Thus introducing, Nancy Darcy Hairdressing’s first ever colour technician/cutting speciaslist duo…

Emma and Christina!

So now, not only do the girls share a great friendship, but also a close working ethic, striving to deliver the best of both worlds to their clients.

The pair will work very closely on colouring and cutting techniques that they believe complement each other. They will come up with their own collections of seasonal looks (colour and cut and style) and consultation tools that they will use as aids for their clients, offering a higher level of service than that which was previously available.

Working together means that they can offer a bespoke service, but in individual areas, so for the client nothing need be second priority.

The procedure will run with both stylists taking part in a thorough consultation, discussing how the cut and colour will complement each other. Emma will then select and apply colour, with you coming back to Christina for your cut and style.

The whole team and especially the pair are very excited about this new procedure and can’t wait to start delivering an even more perfect service.

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