3D Colour Competition!!!

Posted on 15-Jun-2011

After holding an online 3d colour competition ND’s dynamic duo; Colour technician Emma Reynolds and Cutting consultant Christina Darcy, gave VIKI WILSON a beautiful,  understated transformation.

The experts sat with the comp winner and chatted about hair type, problems, lifestyle and ideas before cracking on with some unique colouring techniques.

When Viki came to the salon, she had a natural “all over colour” and her hair was feeling in need of a spruce-up. She explained that she wanted her hair to feel “fuller” and “thicker”, as well as wanting to work with her natural wave. “With her olive skin and dark eyes, it was inevitable that Viki suits warmth and richness, so we worked very much from this basis for the colour selection.

When it came to her hair, Viki was always used to the natural approach. So staying aware of this, we wanted to introduce vibrancy, but in a subtle way. We used an “ND” exclusive technique, which allows colour to be seen in many different ways, without being over the top. To work alongside this colour placement, we used a narrow selection of very similar colours, each only variying slightly in depth and tone, to create the illusion of a full head colour. These colours were carefully placed in a “beachball” pattern around the head, to achieve depth and tone exactly where it was needed. This worked fab on Viki’s hair, with the depth creating the illusion of thickness.”

With her cut, we decided to hang on to Viki’s length, blunting it up to bring it back to life. We then layered a disconnected panel through the top, working with the colour placement, providing versatility within the haircut. The way in which the hair was layered means that the colours will show differently depending on how she wears it.

We just loved it! And she did too!

Viki- “I would like to thank Christina and Emma and the Nancy Darcy team for the first class service and consultation Ireceived yesterday, I love my haircut and the colours. Many Thanks ladies you did an amazing job xxx”


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