With specialists in every aspect of the hairdressing industry, ND hairdressing house one of the most skilled teams of Nancy Darcy Hairdressers in the North East. Having your own hair specialist who is passionate about their expertise means you get the ultimate hairdressing service time and time again.

The Team



Beccy - Salon owner and Managing Director

I opened my salon when I was 19! Young, ambitious and some might say stupid! I am not going to lie running a salon is hard especially with 4 children too, but I do it because its my life this is all I know and I love it.

I believe my way of hairdressing a little different from others and it started way back when I was training. I could never understand how within 2 minutes of meeting someone, some Stylists could make decisions about client’s hair. It just used to freak me out! Other Stylists would think I was mental haha! I was always be such a waff and I’d ask a million questions and go right round the world and then end up where I started but in my crazy head at least I then knew I was making the right decisions.

So as I gained confidence, experience and with that clients and I started to realise I was quite unique and for some reason clients liked me for my million questions, so it was then that I realised I wanted my salon and team to be different and if I could endorse my philosophy then we could make a real impact on the hairdressing world!

So my philosophy is based around YOU! Your hair belongs to YOU!! So the person that knows it best is YOU! NOT US, every single head of hair is completely different that’s what makes us individual. So I believe we need to learn about your hair from you and by communicating enough and effectively before we get the scissors out then the chances for you been thrilled with your hair is much higher. Hairstyles must not just suit your face (however that is massively important haha) it must suit your lifestyle, your personality, your hair texture, its condition and much more…. I could go on and on but what I’m trying to say is I don’t believe in rushing as its false economy, we as hair consultants need to understand “YOU” before we make decisions and then together with you we build beautiful relationships of trust, friendships oh and of course perfect hair for our clients.

Training this way has been challenging over the years as not everyone appreciated what I was trying to achieve but luckily for me my sidekicks Karen, Lyndsey and Emma have supported me and helped me make our service unique. I am so grateful for them helping me achieve what we have. We have a fantastic team now and we are growing from strength to strength and all of us embrace our philosophy to communicate with clients, its fantastic and I’m so proud.

One last thing,  we are all proper Northern girl with Northern charm and we want our clients to be relaxed and comfortable so as well as high quality hairdressing and stylists that care, you will also expect to receive lots of salon fun and banter! Professional but 100% friendly that us!


Karen - Creative Director/Colour Degree Technician


Karen, aka “Kasbo” as we like to call her is our ND Legend! Working at Nancy Darcy Hairdressing for 15 years now, Karen Wright is an absolute asset to our team. It’s fair to say she lives and breathes ND as much as Beccy and that’s why she is her right hand lady.

Karen is our character and I say “our” because she definitely belongs to us. Karen keeps the whole salon amused with her endless stories and whitty remarks. She has an absolute talent at making everybody feel better, whether its clients, colleagues or just the delivery man! Her ability to cheer people up is amazing.

So that’s Karen’s personality and one of the reasons everybody loves coming to see her but the other reason is she a fantastic hairdresser and is actually the only hairdresser within the North East to hold a Wella Colour Degree! 

Karen is a dab hand using placement to accentuate a cut, or selecting the right tones to accentuate skin and eye toning, or using colour to make a client feel better, but gaining the degree gave her the skills to understand why certain choices must be made and so she can therefore make the right choices. She understands why certain hair types need specific types of tones, and how to work not just with the client but also with the hair technically. Its Karen’s level of experience and degree knowledge is what makes her an expert in the field! Karen is the perfect partner for any client suffering from long-term colour problems, or anyone who never seems to get their colour just spot on. All of that and we can guarantee you will leave laughing!


Emma - Senior Stylist/Colour Technician

Our gorgeous Emma is one of our proudest achievements! Training with us from the age of 16 we have watched her grow into a lovely young lady, a Mother and a amazing hairdresser. Its fair to say Emma has spent most of her life within the Nancy Darcy Team. She has worked tremendously hard for us over the years and we continue to be grateful for her dedication and loyalty.

Trained by Beccy she was a natural talent and gained confidence and clients quicker than we could imagine.From a young age Emma shown passion with colour.

Working side by side with Karen our colour degree specialist, Emma and Karen are like the perfect colour duo. Emma has a keen eye to placement and technique and knows exactly how to bring the most out of the hair using colour to accentuate the haircut. She is calm and careful that’s our Emma she listens carefully and gives her clients trust and leaves them instantly relaxed as well as perfect hair.


Lyndsey - Creative Director/Wedding Hair Specialist  

Lyndsey is as yet another ND Legend and another of Beccy's Sidekicks. Working with us for over 12 years. Another amazing character within our salon with the most dirty, infectious laugh you’ll ever hear! Between Karen and Lyndsey we provide constant entertainment of hilarious fun and stories! Its not just for the entertainment value why its worth coming too see Lyndsey she’s an amazing hairdresser with a beautiful personality, caring nature and always makes sure she goes that extra mile for her clients.

Day to day in the salon Lyndsey specialises in colour and cutting and has a keen eye for colour decisions and techniques but by the weekend transforms into the Wedding hair Guru that she is. As wedding specialist, Lyndsey brings a completely calming and friendly nature to your wedding day. With over 18 years experience in bridal hair, Lyndsey’s expertise goes far and beyond her technical abilities, with her eye for balance and attention to detail with veils, gowns and brides personality. Lyndsey believes strongly that brides should not loose their personality or character on their wedding day, and so works closely with each of her clients to bring out their personal style and show it off through their hair. Not only a perfectionist with style, but also with substance- Lyndsey ensure she gives you the best advice and skill to make sure your wedding hair is the best accessory to your dress.


Kerry - Creative Director

Kerry has been hairdressing for 23 years! She actually started her hairdressing career working along side Beccy 19 years ago! Life took Kerry's hairdressing career on a different path and to many different places. She is proud to say that she still feels the same way now about hairdressing as she ever did, and love's it with a passion!

"I love to learn new things, throughout my career I've moved about alot taking in different aspects of hairdressing along the way. I've been lucky enough to work alongside prestigious people in and outside of the salon in things like Salon International, The British Hairdressing awards and London Fashion

Kerry specialises in creative cutting and colour. Her work is right on trend but also amazing at working individually with her clients to bring out their absolute best! She lives and breathes hairdressing and is 100% dedicated to her clients and their hair always striving for hair perfection.


Molly - Stylist/Make-up Artist

Molly has been with us 4 years!, she is ND trained and already on her way to becoming a Top Stylist. We love Molly for her dry sense of humour and happy go lucky spirit. She definitely brings the fun to our salon as well as sweets and pop daily haha.

Molly specialises in hair up and party hair, she is bang on trend with her flair for fashion. Molly’s passion also lies in make up, and she continues to amaze us with her flawless, immaculate applications.

All of this and she has shown a key flair for long hair highlighting and colour! She’s queen of technique and her colouring is like everything else bang on trend!


Cherie - Top Stylist


Cherie has been with us for over a year now, Cherie is like the salon mam! She’s an absolute pleasure to work with, and nothings too much trouble when it comes to her work ethic and her clients. We adore Cherie, and she never seizes to amaze us with her life stories and experiences.

When it comes to hairdressing experience Cherie has it in abundance! She trained in a leading Middlesbrough salon, then quickly went on to open her own salon, which she ran successfully for 14 years!! As well as this she worked closely with local colleges teaching her skills and is a qualified trainer in hairdressing. Cherie had a break from her hairdressing to bring up her 2 gorgeous girls but then decided to pick up her love for our industry by joining our team. With Cherie’s experience and our salon creativity we have worked together to recreate Cherie’s talents and her love of hairdressing.


Kirsty - Stylist/Make-up Artist

Kirsty bounced into the Nancy Darcy Salon a year ago! What a year it's been, she makes us laugh and smile everyday and we are so proud of the Stylist she has become.

We would of been lost without this girl over the last year, she organised, created and preformed in our ND Showcase for cancer research she made clients delighted everyday, grafted her bum off and become an integral part of our salon!
Not only does she create amazing hair but make up too! She shows such talent and promise for her age and we a super excited about her future.

We love Kirsty to bits and we are sure her clients will too, she's such a character and we love her for her personality and caring spirit! She has a passion to create hair and always leaves a lasting impression with everyone she meets!


 Annie - Stylist



In Annie's own words she's dreamed of being a hairdresser all her life!! Well now she is! She has worked so hard for this and it's really paid off! She is full of talent ready and waiting for you her customers.
She has shown passion and dedication throughout her time with us at ND, Annie played a massive part in organising and creating hair in our ND HAIR SHOWCASE, for cancer research so much so this event seriously would not of happened without her! All of this and she's kept our salon gleaming at the same time.
Not only this but she then went in to impress us all again at our ND Christmas showcase!
Annie is a genuine lovely girl we are proud to have on board, she has amazing talent in hair up, colour and cutting as well as styling! The best quality this girl has is she's an absolute perfectionist and never delivers anything less her very best!


Coleen - Salon Co-Ordinator

Coleen has been with us nearly 2 years now, she trained with us as hairdresser but also found her place co-ordinating the salon and dealing with reception. It feels like she's worked with us forever as she is like part of the furniture, Coleen is dedicated, hard working, loyal and trust worthy and thats why we love her, plus she will always make us laugh! You will be greeted by Coleen's big smile and gorgeous personality she does an amazing job of keeping us all right and that is quite a challenge!


Sophie - Assistant Stylist

Sophie joined us 2 years ago from leaving school. Sophie is a pleasure to work with, she is an outstanding employee when it comes to dedication and has a 100% attendance report for a start, for her only being young she has a fantastic attitude and outlook and ever lets us down.

She has a natural way with clients and is always polite, respectful and caring.

She has a pure love for hair and is super keen to get on her way. She is showing excellent talent in all areas of hairdressing we are excited for Sophie's future.



Macey - Assistant Stylist

Keeping it in the family and following in her Mams footsteps is our lovely Macey, daughter to Karen. Macey is like a ray of sunshine in the salon, firstly its her beaming smile that gets her noticed, then its conversations that make us giggle! She is hilarious but in the most natural, innocent way. Not only will this girl give you a lovely shampoo, head massage and cup of coffee if you need any help with online shopping this is your girl, again in true form to her Mam she will help you in any way she can even if that’s helping you save money on some new shoes.

Seriously though we have high hopes for Macey she has already amazed us with how quickly she is able to colour and highlight and all are immaculate. Macey has an amazing future in hairdressing, she is keen, talented and ambitious so watch this space this girls on her way!


Debbie Nails


Debbie is our in salon Nail Technician. With over 20 years experience, she is described as "the best in the business". A gorgeous girl inside and out we love her to pieces, she has been with us for over 15 years now so we highly recommend her. Debbie specialises in acrylics and gels always using the highest quality products to provide nail perfection every time. Contact her directly on 07896 711750 with any questions or to book an appointment.


Marske 01642 956 573

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