With specialists in every aspect of the hairdressing industry, ND hairdressing house one of the most skilled teams of Nancy Darcy Hairdressers Skelton in the North East. Having your own hair specialist who is passionate about their expertise means you get the ultimate hairdressing service time and time again.

Beccy - Salon owner and Managing Director


As salon owner and manger for over 12 years now, it's fair to say Beccy is at the top of her game. Her passion for precise cutting and communication with clients is blinding; making it clear to see why she is still in demand with her loyal clientele. 

Beccy strives to drive her business and motivate her team to make sure they deliver the highest of standards and that they continue to move with the times. Not only does she work closely with Wella professionals, but Beccy delivers all staff training herself, making sure that she see's all employees are passed on her exquisite understanding of communication and level of skill.

Karen - Colour Degree Technician


Working at Nancy Darcy Hairdressing for 10 years, Karen Wright is an absolute asset to the team. It’s not this abundance of experience that makes her unique, nor is it her infectious laugh or her typical northern charm, but it is the fact that she is only member of the team to have a degree; but wait it get’s better, she is the only Stylist within the North East to hold a Wella Colour Degree!

So much slicker than your average, Karen of course is a dab hand using placement to accentuate a cut, or selecting the right tones to accentuate skin and eye toning, or using colour to make a client feel better, but the tale as to why she is so special goes so far beyond this. As a senior colour technician in the salon, she’s exactly that. Doing the colours and making the decisions comes second nature to Karen, as to most colourists, but it is the very reasoning and understanding why that gives her her technician title.

The same with technicians in anything, the understanding is the foundation to the result. Karen's colour degree gives her the skills to understand why certain choices must be made and so she can therefore make the right choices.

She understands why certain hair types need specific types of tones, and how to work not just with the client but also with the hair technically. 

Not to knock our other stylists, who all have a wealth of colour knowledge, but Karens level of experience and degree knowledge is what makes her an expert in the field! Karen is the perfect partner for any client suffering from long-term colour problems, or anyone who never seems to get their colour just spot on.

Emma - Colour technician


Striving to follow in the footsteps of established colleague Karen, Emma is a highly devoted colourist, with a huge passion for colour placement techniques. Emma has a unique ability to take current trends and fashions and make them individual to each and every client by using her creative talent and natural flair.

Emma has a great understanding of how colour and cut influence each other and works alongside cutting technician Christina. The duo find that by both concentrating on their main passion and skill, they can deliver the best of both worlds with a colour and cut and finish that work hand in hand perfectly.

Lyndsey- Wedding Hair Specialist


As wedding specialist, Lyndsey brings a completely calming and friendly nature to your wedding day. With over 10 years experience in bridal hair, Lyndsey’s expertise goes far and beyond her technical abilities, with her eye for balance and attention to detail with veils, gowns and brides personality. Lyndsey believes strongly that brides should not lose their personality or character on their wedding day, and so works closely with each of her clients to bring out their personal style and show it off through their hair. Not only a perfectionist with style, but also with substance- Lyndsey ensure she gives you the best advice and skill to make sure your wedding hair is the best accessory to your dress.

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