Purify Shampoo - Priced at £18.25 - The shampoo gently and efficiently removes dandruff with regular use. The highly effective Dermapure Complex removes the micororaganism causing dandruff. The gentle formula cleanses the scalp and efficiently removes the sebum, which is the base for a healthy balanced scalp environment.

Purify Mask - Priced at £30.75 - An intense weekly treatment that effectifly fights dandruff with the Dermapure Complex. The mask, with its hair active caring properties, leaves a soft touch to the hair. For the best results combine with the Purify Shampoo to create a regimen of products than sustainably fight dandruff with regular use. With Energy CodeTM Complex for responsive hair and scalp full of energy.

Purify Shampeeling - Priced at £22.95 - The formula, with the Dermapure Complex, fights dandruff sustainable and transforms the scalp environment so that a lasting dandruff protection is guaranteed with regular usage.

Purify Lotion - Priced at £20.95 - Highly effective leave-on treatment that fights dandruff formation for up to 24 hours. The leave on formula enables the complex to work optimally on the scalp, to soothe and reduce the presence of the microorganisms Malessizia Globosa. For best results use in combination with the Purify Shampoo.

For more information please call in or ask your stylist if System Professional Purify could be the perfect range for you. #NancyDarcy #SystemProfessional #Purify #EnergyCode
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